3D Routing

This CNC Scanner turned our PCNC into a high resolution 2D optical scanner and reverse engineering system. This is a unique tool has hundreds of uses, including toolmaking, artistry, repair and restoration, precision measurement, and quality assurance, to name a few.



We provide a laser cutting service. Laser is sometimes faster and cheaper on thinner materials, however it is heat affected.


water jet

In contrast to thermal cutting technologies, waterjet cutting does not cause any thermal stress in the material. This effectively prevents material hardening and warping. In addition, no hazardous fumes, splashes or molten by-products are produced.


Special steel

We supply special steels.Please contact us for your requirements.



We intend providing a servise of firbreglassing a sign we have made from 3d Urethane. We also provide a urethane surfacing product of 3D signs


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